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    You have decided to purchase a home…

    …or are thinking about buying one. You’ll be joining the ranks of hundreds of families who realize that home ownership offers a number of benefits including building equity, saving for the future, and creating an environment for your family.

    When you own your own home, your hard-earned dollars contribute to your mortgage. The equity you earn is yours. Over time, your home will increase in value.

    To leave satisfied, you must arrive prepared …

    Consider this your home buyer’s toolkit. Open it up, take a look around, and if you like, start equipping yourself with the tools necessary to make your best purchase. In most businesses, knowledge equals power, and real estate is certainly no exception.

    In the following reports, you’ll find the information you need to make a wise buying decision. We’ll take you through the planning process step-by-step, to help you determine which home is right for you. You’ll find informative articles on mortgages, viewing homes, the offer, closing details and moving.

    We hope you enjoy the free reports we’ve provided, and we hope you learn a little more about what it takes to make your important purchase a great one.

    The real estate market in the DC Metropolitan Area is certainly volatile, and all of the information about buying a home can be overwhelming. We can help.

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    Buying Your First Home
    Many renters are starting to think about purchasing a home of their own. This article highlights several factors that should be considered when purchasing a home. 
    This article helps you become a savvy buyer, by pointing out some of the pitfalls inherent in the home-buying process. 
    But Do You Need It?
    Of course a basement waterfall and grotto is a practical and useful addition to any home. That’s pretty much the only thing standing between you and the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, right? But who’s going to clean it? A few common ‘extras’ and a quick assessment of their relative values.
    Avoid Common Buying Errors
    Some buyers, however, caught up in the excitement of buying a new home tend to overlook some items. When you have a systematic plan before you shop, you’ll be sure to avoid these costly errors. Here are some tips on making the most of your home purchase. 

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