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    Thank you for your interest in learning more about TVRG Rewards Partner Program. This program provides opportunities for our valued service partners to access the wide network of almost 7,000 people consisting of our past clients, current clients, prospective home buyers/sellers, and other business partners.


    The program was created to assist our clients with finding reliable products and service providers that would fill their wants and needs. This was originally based on the premise that it would strictly be for real estate related needs, but over the years has expanded to include all types of solutions including travel, commercial, retail, medical, etc.


    Understanding that each partner has different needs, we have three marketing opportunities that cater to your market, budget, and the type of exposure you want for your company.


    We are seeking to partner with companies like yours who are valued for their outstanding services and commitment. If you are interested in joining our exclusive program, please email  Audrey Hughes at


    Inquire about our monthly mastermind networking luncheon.


    We look forward to growing your business!